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White Pomegranate

White Pomegranate is the brainchild of Harmeet Kaur Ghumman. Harmeet has worked developing designs for esteemed brands such as Hermes and Oscar De La Renta. Having spent 9 years working in the trade, 6 of which at the distinguished house of Osborne and Little, she returned to India to begin her own research and development within the textile industry.

India's craft forms are vast and embedded in the culture and tradition of rural communities.  Harmeet creates all the designs herself focusing on three main methods; hand block printing, hand ikat and hand embroidery.  She then works alongside traditional craftspeople to administer her creations.


White Pomegranate are very conscious of the impact that the textile trade has on the environment so the idea to create small and exclusive and with natural materials is central to their practice. 

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