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Speronella Marsh

Looking for ways of curtaining her country home in Shropshire, Speronella Marsh set out to learn the skills required to hand block designs onto her precious collection of antique linens which she found in the cupboards of her house. The resulting curtains were admired by friends and family who began commissioning projects. From this initial flurry of interest, the company was born in 2018. Since then, Speronella Marsh fabrics have been commissioned by the top interior designers across the world and have been featured, along with Speronella's own home, in many of the best UK interior magazines. 

Speronella was raised in Rome before studying at Van der Kelen in Belgium, the only school in the world to teach the traditional techniques of decorative painting and has greatly benefitted from these influences.


In 2022 Speronella decided to create her first wallpapers all of which are available to see and order at our showroom in Langton Street.

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