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Mia Reay

When Mia Reay needed wallpaper for her Lancashire country house, she decided to produce it herself. ‘I couldn’t find anything I liked, so I started painting designs myself’ says the Finnish-born artist, who is married to the 15th Lord Reay. She asked an old friend, the decorative painter Graham Carr, to join her in the act of creation. Before long Mia Reay Ltd was formed.

Today, Mia Reay designs adorn the walls of prestigious homes around the globe. Each creation starts with beautifully hand painted panels, which are then transformed into wallpapers. The resulting collection of deeply authentic designs is full of eccentric British charm, complemented by Mia’s ardent passion for nature and global art - whist retaining a touch of her Nordic roots.

The wallpapers allow timeless grandeur and spice to be woven into even the smallest of rooms. Many are also made so that that end user can be personally creative in their aesthetic judgement as to just how the pieces are hung, offering them the opportunity to become part of the creative process.

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