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Madcap Cottage

Madcap Cottage is a global lifestyle brand known for its whimsical, sophisticated use of color, prints, and patterns paired with an overarching spirit of accessible, approachable fun. Founded by John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon, Madcap Cottage captures a passion for a life well lived that is
always on trend and yet forever timeless. Madcap Cottage encompasses numerous lifestyle-driven product categories that range from rugs, lighting, and fabric to wallpaper, tabletop, bedding, dog products, candles, custom furniture, all based upon John’s original paintings and sketches. And stay tuned: There are many more categories in the works!


Notes Co-Founder John Loecke, “At Madcap Cottage we create products that are absolutely fun, but also fresh today and tomorrow. We want to put a smile upon your face. We all certainly need more joy. Join us as we create a community that is engaged and excited and get ready to make your home a more beautiful place.”

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